Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break Sickness

When I think of the words "Spring Break" I think of hundreds of college students crowding gorgeous white sandy beaches and blue water. There's lots of drinking, partying, and general craziness. Me-I'm not this kind of person. I had my spring break all planned: a few days at my friend's lake house relaxing, remodeling my laundry room, working in my yard.

Spring break started off with me heading to my friend Steven's lake house with Steven and Jason. We got there Friday evening, cooked dinner, had some wine, played Phase 10 (which I rule at haha). Saturday we slept in, went walking along the beach, watched some movies, cooked, had another friend over, etc. Sunday morning I woke up sick and ended up coming home that morning, a few days earlier than planned. Here are some pics from the weekend:

My room. The light coming in early in the morning is so beautiful.

Playing Phase 10 with Steven and Jason (taking the pic)

I love the entryway. The doors are beautiful and there are fleur-de-lis in the tile.

Lake Sam Rayburn

Jason and I walking along the water's edge. The water was so nice and warm.

Jason and me

Isn't this wall of windows beautiful?

Ever since coming home Sunday I have been sick. Just when I think I'm getting better it gets worse. I'm finally over the fever, and this morning I wake up feeling like someone hit the left side of my face/jaw/neck with a baseball bat. I called my doctor and my back-up doctor Wednesday and they're both out of town until Monday. Without insurance, the urgent clinic is $150-$200 just to get seen. It's absolutely ridiculous.

One bit of good news, I got a dog yesterday. A family friend needed to find her a good home, because the family they had given her to originally weren't taking good care of her. I gave her a bath last night and took her to get her shots this morning. She's a shih tzu/chihuahua mix, black with a white stripe down her belly, and weighs 9.6 lbs. She's five years old. I'm taking her to get groomed Sunday, and I'll post pics of her then. They named her Prissy, but I have to see what name I think she earns.


  1. wow that door is gorgeous! im so jealous that its warm enough for you to put your toes in th after here in Oregon it is still WAY to cold to do that!!
    found you on FTLOB!
    Hugs & Loves, Ariel

  2. Following from FTLOB, and way to go on your lifestyle change, but BOOOO on getting sick on spring break! Good luck on more weight loss, my journey starts tomorrow! Thinking about checking out the Spark thing myself...have heard a lot about it.

  3. I prefer a quiet Spring break too, if I still got Spring break!

    Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!


  4. Nice, I'll be interested to see your adventers after college...something I can only dream about now, ha.
    Those walls of windows -are- beautiful! I love to positive steps you are taking in your life! That is so awesome!!