Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week in Review

What a week this has been! I have been utterly swamped. My grandmother is home from the hospital and doing fairly well. School this week held a disaster and also an amazing experience.

I had to build a butterfly habitat last weekend for my Teaching Science class. We're raising Painted Lady butterflies. Here's what I built with the the help of my mom:

My caterpillars before they went into their chrysalis.
My caterpillars died, as did a lot of other students' caterpillars, but I got two more that were already in their chrysalis. I don't have any pictures of them though.

I had to do my social studies minilesson on leadership contributions this week. I was unaware of their prior knowledge, which made my lesson planning difficult. I took people specifically mentioned in the standards such as Jefferson, Washington, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc. and made a matching game where the students matched two contributions or facts to each person. The first day this went horrible. The kids had no clue about over half of the information. For example, they thought FDR was the 4th president, and that Eiesenhower commanded the Continental Army during the American Revolution. I was highly upset, because the kids didn't enjoy it and were frustrated. That was the worst lesson I've ever done. So that night I made some changes. I cut the amount of people down from 10 to 6, removing the ones they had no clue about. The next day when I taught the other half of the class, the lesson went so much better! The kids enjoyed it and opened up a good discussion on these people, their contributions, and what life would be like if they hadn't happened, like women not being able to vote or segregation still being legal. I got nothing but praise from my mentor teacher.

Thursday evening was also the Undergraduate Research Conference at my university. I was selected as a poster presenter for the College of Education, a first for the Department of Elementary Education. My presentation was on the effectiveness of guided reading as found through my first internship in a first grade classroom. My mom took pictures, so I'll do a separate blog post when I get those from her. It was a fantastic experience!

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  1. Congratulations on your presentation going so well! I know that often as teachers, we wish for "re-do moments" on some of those more difficult lessons, especially in lower grades (I teach Kindergarten) where prior knowledge and experience may be severely limited. Your butterfly habitat is very cute, even though the caterpillars didn't make it. I bought the one I used, and it is filthy nasty after a couple of years of 'hatching.'

    I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award if you would like to visit my blog and grab it! Have a blessed week.